When to Quit

“Stepping off the wagon”

That’s the phrase I came up with for when I wanted to indulge in all the treats and snacks without worrying about the scale for a while. I wanted to phrase it as an active choice rather than the mistake implied in “Falling off the wagon.” If I was on vacation or at a party or it was my birthday, I chose to forget about tracking calories for a little while and enjoy. And the next day or when I got back home, then I would get back onto the wagon and get back to work.

I think it is important to know when to quit.

As a runner, I’ve learned that when it is getting into the 70s, that the run will be miserable, and that at 80 degrees, I am not going to run. It is horrible and possible dangerous to my health. When you stop sweating, that is a bad sign.

I have quit jobs before for various reasons. One was because I had reached a ceiling that was never going to break open for me. Rather than continuing to hurt my head hitting it over and over again, I put in two weeks notice and searched for #NextChapter. I have never regretted leaving that position and am grateful for those who encouraged my leap of faith.

I have even quit a few relationships in the past, friendships that were not bringing joy or light any more. While I refuse to ghost people (everyone deserves more respect), I will chose to not initiate anything and decline opportunities. It is totally okay to have friends for a season of your life who do not fit into the entire journey.

The important thing is making an active choice rather than reacting out of fear. One bad run does not mean I quit running forever. A hard day at work does not mean I flip the table and leave. And an argument does not mean friendship over.

Bad things happen in life. And really great things happen too. We get to chose how to respond either way. Do not let anyone take those choices away from you.

And with six days to go, do not forget to vote. Your voice matters.

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