Damsel in Distress

I am no damsel in distress. I’m not even a lady in a dress.

#SorryNotSorry about that word play attempt.

While I am an amazing independent woman…I am also a human being who needs some comfort and protection at times. The election this week has brought this to the forefront as I am exhausted no matter how many hours I spend in bed. It is a challenge to not spend every moment refreshing news websites. And while the outcome seems likely, it is not final and it is far from a sure thing. This limbo in between feels at times like hospice as I wonder how to survive (and how the nation will survive).

It is in these times of brokenness that I go back to feeling like a child. I want adults to take over all the decisions, all the problems, all the expectations about the future. And by adults, I mean other adults. Not me.

I want to sit on the floor in my pajamas and cute socks, playing with dolls or ponies. I want to have clue about words like “electoral college”, “lawsuit”, or “fascism”. Instead, my biggest trouble should be deciding if a unicorn can fly.

Since I cannot manage to turn my mind off (never could, even when I was a kid), I’ll be surviving the next few days on chocolate, chai tea, and occasional tears into my pillow. And that’s okay. That’s real. That is what is means to be an adult some times.

Have all the feelings and chocolate you need this week. Next will be here soon enough.

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