Somebunny to Love

A few weeks ago there was a llama at work. Then last week there were bunnies. At this rate, I’m hoping for a unicorn by the end of April.

These different creatures are being brought to campus to share a little love and comfort. Students and staff lined up in the middle of campus to hug the llama (his name was Rojo) and offer a carrot kiss. And a steady stream of staff members came and went from the room with four bunnies hoping around a table. Because really to love and be loved is all a person wants in this world. It’s simple and true.

So say the words. Do the thing. Run thru the airport. Lean in on the couch. If there is someone you love, make sure they know it.

Love and be loved. And when you get the chance, always go play with the bunnies.

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