Sticky Fingerprints

“I am emailing you because we would love to include your story in this booklet!”

The sentence was in the middle of the email inviting me to be involved in a writing project for my church, but somehow I missed the detail about where exactly my writing was headed.  In my mind, I thought perhaps it would be shared out loud or more likely as part of a blog or social media post.  Any option would be totally great and well worth the invested time.  Then on Sunday morning, after getting there early to help with set-up, I saw a box filled with new papers to be handed out.  Sliding out one from the middle of the stack, I skimmed over the title, then pulled the booklet completely out in curiosity.  A lyric from The Nightmare Before Christmas traveled through my head: “What’s this?  What’s this?  There’s color everywhere.  What’s this?  There’s white things in the air.  What’s this?”  Halfway through the pages was my story.  I stood in the middle of the lobby area, completely unaware of who was around or passing by, reading over the words that I had typed onto my laptop a few weeks before.  Now here they were, on a physical page that could be turned, copied, folded, ripped, and covered with fingerprints from little hands.  There is something just amazing about that.



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