#52sparks: A personified stuffed animal/toy

Walter Gray, Explorer Extraordinaire

There comes a time in every explorers life when he must leave home and travel out into the great big world.  For Walter Gray, this was that day.


Walter woke up before the sun, so he had to find his trusty hat by the light of the moon.  He kissed his sleeping mom and dad goodbye, packed up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and brushed his horn.  Adventure was calling.






Through hallways, over carpet, under chairs, and between table legs our 6-inch explorer travelled.  Not even the highest wall in the entire world could scare him.  Walter climbed and climbed and climbed, then with one last tug pulled onto the top and was speechless at huge valley below him.





For an adventurer like Walter, it was super important to be brave and try new things.  Plus a warm drink was just the thing after all of that climbing.  As Walter ate his lunch, he started to wonder how his mom and dad were doing.  Walter missed home, just a little bit.




This was a big world beyond Walter’s toy box home.  And sometimes he felt scared or lonely.  Luckily he made some very nice friends who would give him hugs, and a little bit of pancake syrup.  Walter liked exploring, but it was time to go back home.





IMG_3981This is the story of my very first adventure everyone.  I climbed a mountain, drank hot lava, and made friends with a giant.  And made it home again to safety.  Next time, I go in search of dragons!




Walter Gray, Explorer Extraordinaire

#52sparks is my year-long writing series based on an art prompt challenge.  The title is inspired by a quote from Star Wars: The Last Jedi: “We are the spark, that will light the fire that’ll burn the First Order down” (Poe Dameron).  The spark that lights a fire to toast a marshmallow or to ravage a forest begins in the space of an inch.  So just imagine what hundreds of inches and words can do.

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