30 Pieces of Gratitude

If you’ve read some of my recent posts, you know that I’ve stumbling and struggling a bit. But this is gray place is no who I am or who I want to be, so I’m taking time to prayerfully explore my heart and world to move forward. During Prayer Group tonight, I came up with one idea based on blogs posts by Betsy. So before I close this tablet for bed, I will write down 30 things (one for each day of April and in honor of looking forward) that I am grateful for…

1. Family who love me unconditionally.
2. Family who love me conditionally (at least they’re trying).
3. A Home Community of seeking people.
4. Running: it gives me sanity and community.
5. My Lenten vegetarian adventure.
6. Once Upon a Time: I just love the old stories told in a new way.
7. Students who inspire me to take risks and be transparent.
8. My cohort members that support one another rather tha compete with one another.
9. A warm heater on a cold April night.
10. Natalie, Thomas, Isaac, Kaity, Evelyn, and all of the other wonderful kiddos I get to borrow sometimes.
11. London: it exists and I hope to return after graduation in a few years.
12. Girls on the Run and the support is gives to young girls.
13. Working on a team that is always trying their best.
14. Friday nights at home with Thai food and laundry (peaceful).
15. Saturday morning runs with Beth.
16. My plant Batman who has somehow survived almost 6 years.
17. Facebook that allows me to keep connected with Anne, Patricia, Andrea, Karen, Randy, and other friends and family throughout the globe.
18. Sara Bareilles: the soundtrack to my doctoral assignments.
19. Hooded sweatshirts to hide in.
20. Understanding coworkers who believe the best in me.
21. Graduation Day: the week before is rough but that morning is worth it.
22. Marathons that force you to pull from every fiber to the finish line.
23. My comfy blue couch.
24. A Father in Heaven who loves me while my father on earth hasn’t learned how.
25. Honest tears shared among friends.
26. Joss Whedon and all of his creations.
27. Twilight, because a girl needs a guilty pleasure sometimes.
28. The promises of spring, Easter, and new roses.
29. Falling asleep to the sound of a rainstorm.
30. Passing my First Year Exam. I’m humbled and proud to continue this journey.>

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