Snow Days

After a stressful experience a few years ago, I am terrified at the thought of driving in the snow. I can do when I have to, but the situation really does have to be desperate to get me behind the wheel. Even then my rapid pulse will be beating in my ears and my hands will not unclench from the steering wheel until the car has pulled back into a secure parking spot. So when the flakes started falling yesterday, I rushed home before the hyperventilation became too obvious.

But outside of driving, I love snow.

This afternoon I walked the mile to Target for supplies and human interaction. The entire world was quieter. The chains on passing buses were like jingle bells on a sleigh that you could hear for at least a minute before it went rattling by. Everything was beautiful, and bright, and clear. The normal intersections were empty as I strolled through, keeping warm under three layers of clothes and my hiking boots. Even the foot deep section of snow was fun as I jumped between footsteps and laughed at the wandering of those who had traveled before. On the way back the snow was falling again, with the wind blowing the flakes sideways across my path. I listened to the Frozen soundtrack and probably amused passing drivers as I jumped through snow piles in time with the music. “Here I stand in the light of day. Let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered me anyway.”

The entire day has left me thinking about my last snow day experience, over five years ago, when I made a similar journey to Target and came back with Twinkies, frozen French fries, and similar random comfort foods. This time the journey meant bread, tuna, cliff bards, a t-shirt, and a stuffed frog names Prince Charming. I remember buying and eating that large box of Twinkies, but had no temptation to repeat that experience, especially with five holiday pounds that went against my progress from the fall. It was just a reminder of who I was and how different I am today. Some nice encouragement on a little bit lonely snow day.

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