Respect the Human

A little story about the value of respect.

I was in line for two potential full-time positions. After working multiple part-time jobs for over a year, it was exciting to be so close to settling into one space and one community.

The supervisor for Job A had reached out to me in the beginning, inviting me to come in for a conversation about a potential job. We talked for an hour, including me providing feedback on how to improve the position description and confirmation I was interested in the position. The individual assured me I would have information by the end of that week on the position and how to apply.

Two weeks later, I emailed after hearing nothing; a quick response apologized, cited unexpected other priorities, and promised more information the next week.

Again a gap until I saw the individual in person, by chance. Again apology, priorities, promise, etc.

When information was finally sent, it was an email with a link to the HR website. The position had changed significantly and I was no longer eligible. Rather than communicating with me directly, I had to discover that the position I felt recruited for was impossible to achieve via an HR website.

Meanwhile, the supervisor at Job B had promised me information by the end of the month about what was happening with the position. Although this supervisor and their supervisor had both advocated for the full-time position, there was still debate among those with the financial power on if the position should be part-time or full-time.

The final day of the month had arrived. I anticipated seeing this supervisor the next day and assumed that I would hear then that we were still waiting on the powers that be.

Instead my phone ran. It was not the call I had hoped for: offering me the full-time position. Instead it was one apologizing that there was no new details and assuring me that I was not forgotten.

It would take several more weeks of waiting until I was offered, and immediately accepted, Job B.

The turning point of Job A and Job B happened on the same day. An email with a link and a phone call. Without intent, the two supervisors had demonstrated their identities as leaders in stark contrast to one another. They demonstrated respect to a potential colleague, and a current human being. The supervisor at Job B would continue to demonstrate that human connection throughout my time there.

Now, as I continue submitting job applications with no response, I look forward to connecting with a human again.

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