Choosing “bunny”

Sight. Smell. Sound. Taste. Touch. The five senses are all useful when you are on a run. Eyes need to be constantly looking around to watch for other people, for oncoming cars, and for patches of sidewalk that could cause trouble. A sweet scent from flowers or a bakery can inspire the steps to be a bit peppier, or something that is just “ew” will guide you toward a different part of the path. The voice of a friend, an intriguing story on a podcast, or the perfect song will help send you out and bring you home. The feeling of crisp, cool water is just what you need at the top of a hill that lasted forever. And each footstep onto the ground is a reminder of strength and the journey moving forward.

On Springwater Trail, there are sections where the sounds of the city fade away. If the wind is still, it is possible to hear nothing other than your own breathing and the rhythm of your pounding feet on the path. When a sound comes out of the brush in those spaces, I always identify it as a bunny, even if there is absolutely no evidence. Even if the sound is louder any any cute little creature could logically create. I choose to name it “bunny” in the same way that I sing “This Little Light of Mine” when it is dark and I’m feeling alone. It is what I need to keep moving and not let fear take over.

What do you need to do to not give up? There is a lot of scary (fill in the bad word) going on right now in the world. If you need to sing, belt it out. If you need to cry, grab the biggest box of tissues you can find. If you need ice cream, I recommend chocolate peanut butter. If you need a friend, reach out because one of them needs you too. If you need to declare all the bumps in the world “bunny,” you can do that too (at least for a little while).

There are bunnies, and there are “bunnies.” Keep believing in the good ones.

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