4 Walls

One of the many things I enjoy about spring is it means no more snow days. No more worrying out icy roads or getting stuck somewhere. No more being stuck inside while icy winds howl at the windows.

We are almost a week into Spring 2020, but we are also over a week into Covid-19 here in Portland. So despite all that sunshine outside, it has been a whole lot of time inside the four walls of my apartment. And that means lots of time to do things that I possibly never meant to…

  • Completed 1,000 piece puzzle of Dumbo in less than a week.
  • Watched three seasons (so far) of The Great British Bake Off.
  • Recycled a foot-tall stack of magazines that “I’ll read eventually” because it is eventually, and I’m still not reading them.
  • Vacuumed without any family coming to visit.
  • Got to the bottom of my laundry basket and kitchen sink on the same day (even the hand washing stuff).
  • Wrote real mail to friends.
  • Deleted about half the emails in my inbox that I was saving for eventually (again, say hello to eventually).

Today’s big project was building my new exercise bike. It is a super simple one, without a display or anything. Just what I need as back-up for any quarantines this spring and snow days next winter.

What have you been up to during these “eventually” days?

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