Something Beautiful

During a walk around campus last week, I noticed an orange cone in the middle of the sidewalk, warning passersby about a hole that was needed repair. The orange cone was doing its job. What was even better was the bouquet of silk flowers that were placed on top. That one small act by some student or staff member made the cone not just a plastic protector, instead it was a piece of art.

A small act made the world a little bit better.

Later on I was thinking about the cone, and then about a small car accident I was in years ago. Another woman and I backed into each other in a Target parking lot. Both cars were a little dented with no injuries or major issues. Since we were both at fault and both able to drive, we decided to just deal with our repairs ourselves. When I got back home, I looked over the dented space on my car and felt bad for this inanimate object. Seeing the silver underneath the paint, it was like a skinned knee that needed a bandaid to be able to heal. So that’s what I did. I got a bandaid. Well, technically it was duct tape, but the intent was the same. I wanted to offer just a little something to make it better.

With everyone yelling on television that the world is falling apart, it can be tempting to just give up. To believe that nothing is going to change and nothing will change. I cannot fix the world. And neither can you. That, unfortunately, is the truth. Bill and Melinda Gates have a shot…me, not so much.

What I can do, is make the world a little bit better. I cannot do everything. I can do something.

So earlier this week, I went online and bought a dozen pairs of gloves. And I got some granola bars. And now there are a few baggies in my car with a pair of gloves, a snack, and another random gift. Tonight, as I came off the highway off-ramp, I got to give one of these bags to a man holding a sign: “You Matter.” He responded to my little token saying “God bless.” I made his night just a little bit warmer, a little bit less hungry, and a little bit more hopeful.

Find something this week to make the world just a little bit better. Something beautiful. And then maybe tell me about it. Because that will make the world better too.

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