Taking gratitude with me into 2020…

  1. My family
  2. My friends
  3. Full-time work
  4. A cozy blue couch
  5. A stack of fuzzy blankets
  6. Steven (the stuffed bear who sleeps in my bed, and has for over a decade)
  7. How running has changed my life
  8. How Christ has changed my life
  9. Hot tea
  10. Cold soda
  11. Chocolate chip cookies
  12. Macaroni & Cheese (from the blue box, obviously)
  13. Tank tops
  14. Hooded sweatshirts
  15. Tevas sandals
  16. Sea otters (especially when they are holding hands)
  17. Happy puppies
  18. Purring kittens
  19. Rides at the fair
  20. Drives in the Gorge
  21. Safe landings at the airport
  22. Portland
  23. San Diego
  24. London
  25. Seaside & Cannon Beach
  26. Toes in the sand
  27. Angels in the snow
  28. Wind in the hair
  29. Falling asleep to a rainstorm
  30. Almost 10 years as a runner
  31. Almost 12 years in my Home Community
  32. Over 13 years in Portland
  33. Not being a #DoctoralStudentIn anymore
  34. Being #RunPhD
  35. Not being #WhatsNext
  36. Learning about #Next
  37. Volunteering with Oregon Road Runners Club (follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter…cause I’m the Social Media Coordinator and I should use every chance to highlight our awesomeness).
  38. Writing for Run Oregon
  39. Coaching for Girls on the Run
  40. Leaving a bad job
  41. Surviving a year with five part-time jobs
  42. Finishing my dissertation
  43. Finishing my first marathon
  44. Finishing my 15th marathon
  45. Friends who kept texting and calling when I couldn’t respond
  46. The friend who came over (and went with me to the doctor) when I couldn’t be alone
  47. Healing through therapy (three years and counting)
  48. Healing through medication (almost three years and counting)
  49. Camp Ghormley
  50. Whitworth College
  51. The Nowaks’ spare room
  52. My sketchy first apartment (and the 24-hour McDonalds across the street that made it feel safe-ish).
  53. The music of Sara Bareilles
  54. The words of Stephen Brookfield
  55. The television of Joss Whedon
  56. The worlds of Disney
  57. Inappropriate socks (bad words hidden inside boots is so much fun)
  58. Cute hats for bad hair days
  59. Fingerless gloves
  60. The right to vote
  61. The right to worship
  62. The right to assemble
  63. The right to speak
  64. A roof that doesn’t leak
  65. A fridge with food
  66. A bank account with money
  67. A hamper without dirty clothes (at least for the moment)
  68. Feeling safe in my home
  69. Feeling valued at my job
  70. Feeling loved by my dear friends
  71. “Diamond” tiaras to feel like a princess
  72. “Steel” swords to feel like a knight
  73. Vanilla chai from Cafe Delirium
  74. Sweet basil fried rice from Thai Fresh
  75. Pepperoni and pineapple pizza from Papa Johns (with extra cheese)
  76. Flourless chocolate cake from Arrivederci
  77. The pink blanket from when I was in daycare (it is safe in my trunk)
  78. The quilt from my Home Community (it is used every day on my bed)
  79. The plaid blanket from Walmart (ready in the car for picnics)
  80. The times I got lost in the woods, and then found.
  81. The wrong ways I’ve gone while running, and then even more found.
  82. Gold stars for effort
  83. Christmas presents
  84. Birthday cards
  85. My daybed, with ivy frame
  86. Campfire s’mores
  87. Twinkle lights
  88. New books
  89. New friends
  90. Old friends
  91. Memories of friends (and prayers they are doing well)
  92. Walks in my neighborhood
  93. Runs in downtown Portland
  94. Real mail
  95. “Just saying hi” texts
  96. “Just because” gifts
  97. Gifts
  98. Giving gifts
  99. Hot showers after a run
  100. Naps
  101. Colorful scarves
  102. Giggling toddlers
  103. Wise elders
  104. Accountability peers
  105. Running partners
  106. Lame (but funny) jokes
  107. Making myself laugh
  108. Making others laugh
  109. Laughing so hard I can’t breathe
  110. Newborn baby smell
  111. Calling Portland “home”
  112. Comforting books (like by Robin Jones Miller)
  113. Challenging books (like by Ibram X. Kendi)
  114. Hopeful books (like by Brene Brown)
  115. Running books (like…I’ve read too many to pick)
  116. Little Bird
  117. Bright Eyes & Sunshine
  118. Short Man
  119. Watching movies on my blue couch
  120. Listening to Podcasts
  121. Ignoring work emails on the weekend
  122. Teaching
  123. Learning
  124. Curiosity
  125. Spellcheck (especially because I cannot spell curiosity)
  126. Watching the same Christmas movies every year
  127. Meeting John Lewis
  128. Meeting Robin Jones Gunn
  129. Having an airport “moment” with McDreamy (I mean Patrick Dempsey)
  130. The Bakers Dozen
  131. The EDD Team
  132. A window by my desk
  133. Unconditional love from family
  134. My blue sweatshirt from high school (once barely fit, now a too-big Snuggie)
  135. The Singing Butler print above my bed
  136. Friends who taught me how to have conflict
  137. Friends who notice when I’m missing
  138. Friends who will not let me pursue another graduate degree
  139. Casual Fridays
  140. “2 miles” on Saturday mornings
  141. Index cards (my little daily organizers)
  142. Putting words onto the screen to find clarity and light
  143. My Boyfriend

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