#RunPhD: Make It Work

In the best of all possible worlds, I’d wake up every day without an alarm. I’d enjoy getting a few things done around my home. I’d go for a 6-mile in my neighborhood. And then I’d go to work, where we would all do meaningful things without any stress or meetings that should have been an email.

Since I, like all of you, live in the real world, that’s not how it goes.

Instead its like this morning, when I got up early (after hitting snooze three times) but had to skip the planned run because my stomach would not settle. I did get a few things done, but I also had to lie down for an hour to ensure that the rest of the day would go better than the rocky start.

This is real life. And, to quote the great Tim Gunn, I “make it work.”

That’s why I’m so grateful that my work is offering yoga classes twice a week this summer. They’re 30-50 minutes, free, and structured so that they can be done in work clothes. It’s not the best of all possible worlds. Instead its a very nice possible world.

And after this morning’s unplanned rest time, I’m going to enjoy all the possible I can get.

I’ve survived 13 marathons and one Ph.D. program. So…now what? I’ve learned through the journeys that it’s not about intelligence, speed, magic beans, or waiting for it to get easy. It’s about strength and perseverance. This year’s blog series will be about #WhatsNext after crossing some major finish lines, and preparing for new starting lines as a runner and a (not that kind of) doctor. I am #RunPhD.

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