Trainer No More

The purpose of this blog is all about planning for the future, and then hopefully recording some of the adventures to that future.  Yet tonight I want to write not about something I’m going to do but rather something I’m going to avoid and feel I need to record that plan officially.  I, Meg, being of over-thinking mind and sore body, am not going to see a trainer ever again at my gym.

I’m a member at 24-Fitness.  Every few months they offer a deal where if you do twice in that month you get either a free month membership for a friend or one free personal training session.  For the past year I’ve been pretty consistent in my gym visits, usually six times a week, so hitting the two minimum is pretty easy and I enjoy the idea of a prize.  I’ve now had three free training sessions and each time I’ve walked away discouraged and feeling overwhelmed by how much of my life I need to change.  Take this Friday for example…I met with Sara at 10am and after the fun paperwork she asked me about my exercise and nutrition habits.  Now I admit that my eating habits need work, since chai is not a food group, but I’ve cut out most desserts, junk food, and am generally making much better choices.  And in the area of exercise I rock compared to two years ago when going up the one flight of stairs at work left me a bit winded (let alone the climb that is Egtvedt to third floor A.F. Gray).  But there is no “Good Job” or “Wow” in this conversation, even after I smilingly share how much weight I’ve lost or the goals I’ve accomplished.  Nope, its straight to here is how I need to turn my diet upside down and need to cut back on the cardio (which I enjoy) to half while adding in weights (which I find boring and testosterone dominated).  We spend the next 40 minutes going through weights exercises, which I’m still feeling 36 hours later, and then back to the desk where she labels everything I have been doing “BAD” and the plan she has set out for me, including six meals a day always with meat and/or veggies, as “GOOD”. And of course the ultimate good would be to purchase more personal training sessions, you know if I’m really serious about fitness.

The rest of Friday was spent wandering in between guilt and anger as I considered how much I’ve already given up and learned to rebalance in pursuit of the 30 minute 5K and medium size clothes.  It was this evening though, after an hour on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the treadmill (a “BAD” workout according to Sara) that I finally had a break through.  Maybe my way won’t get me to 150 pounds by October 2011, but Sara’s way will make me doubt every choice and come to hate my new home away from home away from home away from home (that series wasn’t a typo, it’s just that work and Starbucks have to come before gym time; I am still in Hebrew after all).  So I choose to take the “BAD” route that has served me pretty well so far and stick with the fun of jogging and chinese take-out (with maybe a few more veggies).

And the next time that coupon comes in the mail, I’ll turn it into a lovely airplane to float on over to the weights side of the gym where all the “GOOD” boys and girls are.

3 thoughts on “Trainer No More

  1. Meg, I am happy to hear you are sticking to your guns..every time I have tried the trainer in the gym I have found the same thing. You have made HUGE changes that YOU can live with and that work for your life. You have lost weight, look wonderful and have made great strides to your goal. I’m proud of you and you inspire me and girl we have to do it the way that works for us. I’m too old to have anyone telling me I can’t eat something or that I failed if I didn’t work out while I am sick with this stupid cold. LOL You are amazing and you keep doing what you are doing….it is working and you look fantastic!


  2. Meg,

    I’m so proud of you for doing this! I think so many nutritionist and personal trainers don’t realize the realness of our lives. I also don’t know how anyone would go back to get help if they berated them after all the amazing work you have done. You have to do what you have to do and I applaud you for doing what you have done. I know you will get to the size you want and get to run the 5K in the time you want…it takes time. Time you’ve well spent.

    I love that you are listening to your body and your heart. If you are happy and healthy, then lead on with the chinese food, jogging, and Hebrew!

    Love ya, lissa


  3. I applaud your decision to make one change after meeting with the trainer. And I am even more excited that that change is not meeting with a trainer again. You know the internet is full of ideas if you are ever looking to change things up. You know 20 min on the bike, 20 min on the treadmill and 20 min on the elliptical. I am sure that is where the trainer got all her ideas. And really the first thing out of her mouth should have been…Wow look at how much you have accomplished. Keep up the good work.


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